Branded or Brand-Dead: How to Utilize Product Photography to Boost Your Brand’s Image

By April 26, 2017No Comments

Every businessperson is aware of the importance of product photography—hence the important role it plays in advertising. It not only highlights the product you’re marketing, it creates awareness of your brand.

With that in mind, how do brands successfully utilize product photography so it reflects and strengthens their brand?  The question may seem complicated but the answer is simple.

Consider Eccentric Ideas and Concepts

Experimentation is something many businessesstruggle with. They hesitate to try something that is out of the norm. But the key to successfully bringing awareness to your brand is to tackle the average and be unique when appropriate.

Try experimenting with different ideas. Often times, companies go with “the norm” and they don’t veer from it, but it’s important to experiment with different perspectives to keep things fresh and customers interested.  If you’re marketing fruit juice, would an upside-down glass with orange juice pouring out of it be amusing to some? Or, if you’re a craft coffee maker, would an IV bag full of your newest brew make potential customers smirk?

Of course, it’s easier said than done when it comes to thinking outside the box. But it’s imperative to take the initial steps to experimenting with different ideas until a concept hits.

Shoot From Strange Angles

As stated earlier, people have a different approach to everything. See if photographing your products from uncommon angles gives them a look that works with your brand.

Your consumers are different people that have different ways of approaching things. Shooting from “strange” angles may broaden your perspective and highlight your product in a different, unique way.

Shoot the Product in its Natural Environment or in a Weird Place

It’s common to do product photo shoots in studios, against black or white backgrounds, but consider shooting the product in its natural environment, or even somewhere “weird” because sometimes weird is good!

Make it click with your audience by getting rid of the monotonous routine of product photography.

Stop trying to be sales-y. Instead, be different. The Bradys are fine, but everyone needs a little Simpsons in their lives.

In-camera effects are one things, then there’s post-production photo manipulations to consider.  Here’s another chance to create some eye-catching advertisements. Post-production visuals effects provide a limitless world of possibilities for your product photos.

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