A person shooting a videoCountless businesses are incorporating video-based messaging at the core of their marketing strategy. However, they often face disappointment when they partner with a company that does not meet their expectations in terms of production value.

If you’re a brand that is very particular about its reputation, you need to work with an award-winning video production company. Learn about the benefits of hiring them in this blog and how video design awards can help you find such companies.

Helps You Stand Out from Your Competition

Having an award-winning video production company looking after your messaging means you will be working with experts who will help your brand stand out from your competition. The award is a validation of the processes the company employs to produce high-quality products to connect the brand to its target audience.

These companies use the latest software, techniques, and equipment to produce world-class videos for their clients. They use their experience across the project lifecycle and work with the client from the concept development phase to the high-definition editing phase in post-production. This helps them nail any kind of video such as corporate culture videos, documentaries, and infomercials.

Gets the Right Message Across

Working with an award-winning firm increases your chances of making a truly impactful video campaign that captures the essence of your brand’s story. Not only is this work appreciated by clients, but it also gets praise from across the industry.

For instance, DesignRush, which is a reputable B2B marketplace for finding top agencies, highlights companies that do an amazing job for their clients and acknowledges them in their video design awards. They recently recognized 336 Production’s work for our client McKenna Labs that tell the story in the form of a creative video. You can check out the video here.

Improves Your Bottom Line

When you hire an award-winning company, you get them to produce videos that will generate more engagement. This in turn helps drive more traffic to your website and can improve the conversion rate.  Working with an award winning company can thus help improve your bottom line in the long run.

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