If you’ve been trying to build effective Instagram strategies, you must know about the all-mighty Instagram algorithm. No matter how attractive your content is, you still have to play by the Instagram algorithm rules to stay ahead of Instagram algorithm modifications. Read on to learn everything you need to know about why Instagram prioritizes some posts to appear at the top of the feed.

How Does the Instagram Algorithm Work?

The Instagram algorithm decides the order of the posts you see when scrolling through your news feed. Instagram prioritizes the best posts based on particular signals. For instance, it pushes the most relevant posts to the top and makes them the most visible, while other posts are further pushed down.

Therefore, if you want your brand’s Instagram strategy to stand out, you must consider these three ranking factors:

Relationship with the User

Your future content will be most visible to the user that has previously interacted with you a lot. This makes repeated, continual engagement on the posts crucial to creating a loyal audience

The Interest Conveyed by User 

This factor is established when users interact with the same accounts and similar posts when exploring Instagram. Other users who also engage with similar posts will probably come across your posts too.

The Post’s Relevancy

The Instagram algorithm gives a post a relevancy score after you upload it. This score impacts who your post is shown to in the feed.

Instagram feed on a mobile screen

Instagram Feed and Stories

Your feed and stories are the most recent posts of the accounts you follow on Instagram. Instagram’s algorithm modifies the order of those feed posts and stories. Instagram does this based on:

Basic Information

Instagram considers how many likes the post has gotten, the time it was posted, and also whether there are location tags on the post.

Data on the Post’s Account. 

This factor is all about how popular the account is. The algorithm considers this information to weigh the possibility that a user will be interested in this account’s post.

User Activity 

Instagram always knows how many posts you’ve liked, saved, and shared. It uses that information to assume what posts you’ll be interested in.

User Interaction history with a Specific Account

This factor gauges how often a user lingers on a particular account’s posts, comments on them, saves them, likes them, or visits the account’s profile page.

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