It’s no exaggeration that some of the most iconic shots in history were filmed from an aerial view. That’s because an elevated vantage point gives viewers a visual perspective they rarely experience in daily life. In this way, it makes for a unique experience that’s not quite common.

Have you ever wondered how those amazing aerial shots are filmed? To understand this, you need to know about aerial cinematography and its importance in video production.

Read more to find out why aerial shots are crucial in commercial video production.


What Is Aerial Cinematography?

It’s vital you understand what qualifies as aerial cinematography. This is because aerial filming relies on certain techniques that you won’t find in standard cinematography.

To put it simply, aerial cinematography is a style of movie-making that utilizes aircraft or other flying machinery to capture photographs or videos. These aerial shots play a major purpose when it comes to storytelling. That’s because they’re establishing shots that usually precede action shots.

How Are Aerial Shots Filmed?

Have you ever wondered how these breathtaking aerial shots are filmed? To put it simply, these shots are filmed using flying objects. Most filmmakers and content creators mainly use flying tools such as drones or helicopters to achieve this style of cinematography.

You usually film aerial shots with the use of specialized cameras. Filmmakers attach these cameras onto drones. Next, they operate these drones to fly above the desired area to capture footage. It’s then crafted on a computer, unlike traditional cameras that need to shoot one shot from various angles to merge it into one image.

Though they’re taken from flying objects, the cinematographer isn’t usually at the vantage point. In fact, they can operate the camera and take the footage remotely through a controller.

Why Are Aerial Shots Filmed?

The purpose of these shots is to precede action unfolding. However, they’re also popular for advertisement and educational purposes. This is especially important in the tourism industry. That’s because these shots capture beautiful locations from a vantage point. In this way, it’s also useful for the real estate industry as it allows them to take footage of real estate properties from above.

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