5 Reasons Why Putting Video On Facebook Is A Very Good Idea!

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Nothing says power like the ability to make people stop what they’re doing and give you their undivided attention. Stopping them in their tracks and making your words the center of their universe in that one moment.

Think about it. Provocative advertising, breaking news, unsettling fashion trends, controversy and scandal – all possess the power to trigger strong, instant reactions from the masses, with one stirring image.

It’s true what they say: a picture speaks a thousand words. And by that token, a moving picture should speak a million!

We’re living in the age of social media, in an era of visual communication made possible by digital technology and innovative solutions. Everything you can possibly conceive is a product of millions of images playing in an endless loop ever since you developed a sense of sight.

Whether or not you’re a fan of pouting selfies and Dubsmash videos, one thing’s for sure: image is power. Add dimension and movement to an ordinary image, and you’ve got yourself a video that can instantly transport viewers from the blank canvas of their mind to a colorful portrait of hybrid reality.

The Power Of Facebook

You can’t have a conversation about the power of social media without shining a light on the grand-daddy of social networking platforms: Facebook.the-power-of-facebook

What began as a playful tech-initiative for college networking ultimately expanded into a web of universal connections, sparking friendships, political movements, social rights campaigns and personal venting forums.

Make no mistake – this is no social media diary; it’s an incredibly powerful marketing tool. And if you’re not using it to promote your business through a viral video, you’re doing yourself a disservice! Here are 5 reasons why you should shamelessly jump on the bandwagon!

1.       It’s Free. Duh.

This is a perfect and obvious reason why you should resort to this platform. No registration fees, no licensing, no paperwork. One video upload; endless possibilities.

2.       Access to the World

Trying to sell to a foreign market? Need to promote your service across the seas or seek foreign investment? You’ve got the world at your fingertips with a few changes in location settings and customized keywords!

3.       Analytics and Stats

Not only do you get to connect with a vast network of individuals from various parts of the world, you also get to track views, likes, dislikes and trending patterns through infographics and analytics.

4.       Viral Tendencies

You could invest thousands upon thousands of dollars on a massive television campaign and still fall short of the number of views you might otherwise get from a tactful sales video on Facebook. Can you say #OvernightSensation?

5.       Social Sentiment

If you’re running a business, you know exactly how important it is to track customer feedback. Facebook allows you to stay in the loop regarding social sentiments and gives you a chance to take swift corrective action.

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