Today, businesses are turning to videos in a bid to promote their solutions, products, and services. However, corporate video production in Orange County isn’t exactly a five-finger exercise—it takes a lot of patience and time. From finding out ways to best connect with your audience on a personal level to promote your video, there’s a lot of things that creative teams must take into consideration to execute a perfect corporate audiovisual.

Here are four tips to get started.

1. Plan the message you want to convey

What’s the main aim of a corporate video? Simple; it looks to increase the business’ value through effective presentation and communication. Therefore, your message must be to the point and shouldn’t include any irrelevant information. For instance, including how many awards you’ve won when there’s no human story attached to it will do more harm than good. Why? Because people aren’t interested in your impressive stats. Plus, figures are difficult to digest. This information doesn’t mean anything to them.

Remember, always begin your message with a sentence about what you want to communicate, and conclude with what you want your target audience to remember. Now, breathe life into this message by creatively presenting it.

2. Perfect the storyboard or script

Using storyboards to create animated videos isn’t uncommon. It’s an incredible way to organize and visualize your ideas.

By developing a visual of the sequence of events in your video, you wouldn’t face problems in changing the story of a video if you want. This is a great pre-production strategy that can give your video the luster it deserves!

3. Make an emotional connection

What usually drives purchase decisions? Emotions. Sure, you can make videos about the benefits your company offers and back them up with attractive facts, but where did you build a deeper connection with your audience?

Try to connect with your audience on an emotional level. For example, if your product has affected someone’s life, make a video about it.

4. Hire a professional to film it

Nobody would want to see a corporate video shot by amateurs with bad sound and video quality. If you want your corporate video to succeed, hire a professional to film it because consumers won’t typically watch a corporate video unless it’s a professional-grade production.

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