Almost every concept can become a reality with the right equipment and top-notch audio and visual effects. Photographers have helped countless brands communicate with potential customers and boost sales with the help of modern technology and powerful effects. One of the most popular photography techniques used these days is aerial photography.

Real estate businesses uses of aerial photography to give people a birds-eye view of the properties listed for sale. If you’re in the real estate business, you can benefit from aerial photography as well. However, there are some mistakes you should avoid. Let’s take a look at them.


1. Choosing The Wrong Photographer

There’s only one additional piece of equipment required for aerial photography—a drone. The rest of the equipment is generally the same. It’s the skill and experience that counts here. So, if a photographer is advertising themselves as a drone expert and charging a huge sum for it—you might want to weigh your options.

Check out industry rates and ensure that if you are spending an extra amount, the work is excellent. Analyze a photographer’s portfolio, check if they have any past experience in real estate aerial photography, and look for reviews online.

2. Not Choosing the Best Angles

An amateur photographer may not know the best angles to make your property stand out. Hiring a professional photographer with experience in the area can allow you to highlight the property with the best angles.

Giving your clients the right idea of the dimensions of a property can help you save time on property tours and close deals faster.

3. Not Using the Drone to Its Full Potential

If you’re not using the drone to display some of the inaccessible features of a property, you’re not maximizing its potential. A drone can capture pictures of multiple features that are hard to access on properties, for example, a new roof, solar panels, chimneys, masonry, etc.

4. Taking Pictures in Bad Lighting

Setting up artificial lighting for capturing pictures of a property is difficult and can cost you a lot of money. A better option is to shoot on a day when the weather is pleasant and there’s plenty of light. Avoid shooting on a rainy or excessively cloudy day because the pictures won’t turn out well and the drone might get damaged due to rain or strong winds.

If necessary, post-flight production can enhance the pictures as well.

A cameraman holding a camera dronePotential buyers want to be able to see the property in its full glory and acing aerial photography and videography is the best way to do it.

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