We live in an age of hyperconsumerism, spending all our money on things we don’t always need but just really, really, really want. But when you’re constantly surrounded by products and cool looking goods, you’re bound to get saturated. The ads stop working; the influencers seem less trustworthy; product reviews don’t change your mind either.

So how can a business motivate people to invest in their products? What are unique, innovative and engaging ways to encourage people to buy what you’re offering? Give these a try:

1. Tease, alert and excite them

Anticipation is key and one of the best ways to excite and engage customers. You can do this via email alerts, special personalized messages to regular or previous customers, hinting at the news on social media pages, and creating hype in general. You can also send the product out to influencers, public figures, and other people in hopes to pique interest and get the word out.

Given that 76% of consumers buy from email updates, you’re missing out big time by not generating emails to send to your subscribers. Better year, personalize these emails for more effective conversions.

2. Offer special pricing and offers

Introductory rates, discounts, and offers work on multiple levels. They excite audiences—because who doesn’t love a good bargain?—and increases the urgency because it’s only for a short time. You can offer a small discount, or a package deal, or rewards; the strategy depends on you, your consumers, and your product.

3. Show the product through video

Product demonstrations are an excellent approach to showing people what they’re paying for. You can show quality, use, application, care, maintenance, and all the features and perks your product offers. This helps you stand out from competitors and other businesses offering similar products as you because it gives them a look at what makes your product unique and stands out from the crowd, and a realistic view of how it’s used.

A great way you can do this is through product reviews by experts and influencers or have buyers send in their own reviews. This helps people see the authenticity of your content, free of gimmicks and elaborate setups.

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