A good advertisement captures the attention of its audience and leaves behind a strong impression that the audience can remember for a long time. Most brands use exceptional visuals to deliver their message.

Some commercials become highly popular with the audience since they hold the audience’s imagination, turning even an ordinary feeling into something extraordinary. However, sometimes, commercials fail to make the desired impact.

This can often be because of the visuals that don’t resonate with the brand or don’t generate interest. Let’s take a look at some of the video effects brands should usually avoid.


1. Solarize

Amateur video editors often try a bunch of unnecessary visual effects to enhance their video quality. One of those video effects is solarization. Editors usually use solarize to cover up mistakes in the video. However, other visual effects are available that do a much better job than solarizing, for example, blur spot or mosaic.

Using solarization can ruin even a good commercial, as viewers generally don’t prefer watching videos with solarizing effects.

2. Lens Flare

Every video effect is useful in a certain way, but this doesn’t mean it has to be used every chance you get. Lens flare is one visual effect that looks extremely good, but only when it’s required or is fittingly used.

Lens flare is used to add a magical or sparkling look to a video or a picture. However, it’s outdated and no longer used by professionals. Amateur editors often go overboard with their use, which can result in hurting the eyes of the viewers and ruining the advertisement.

A blurred image 3. Gaussian Blur

Gaussian blur is another video effect that is only helpful when used appropriately. It helps create out-of-focus imagery, and the background becomes blurred, focusing solely on the object/person in front.

Gaussian blur is more suitable for photography. Too much of a blurred background doesn’t help when it comes to videos. It can distract the audience and cause not allow them to focus on the message the advertisement is trying to convey. Professionals tend to use this visual effect subtly if they use it at all.

An advertisement doesn’t need lens flares and solarized images to be successful. Even the simplest visuals with good camera angles, audio mixing, and high-definition editing can do the trick.

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