With kids excited about the gifts Santa will brinh and the adults already planning for the upcoming mega sales, Thanksgiving is almost here, and Christmas isn’t very far in line. For a company or a business, it’s that time of the year to boost their sales through effective video marketing campaigns.

However, incorporating Thanksgiving and Christmas themes into a video marketing campaign isn’t as easy as it seems. Here are some tips to enhance your video marketing campaign this winter season.


1. Don’t be too Salesy

The spirit of Thanksgiving and Christmas is all about spreading love, gathering memories, being genuine, and being thankful. You don’t want your video advertisement to appear too salesy, selfish, and insensitive.

Make sure to incorporate the Christmas and Thanksgiving spirit. Make the campaign more about what you give rather than what you receive. Don’t be afraid to add traditional Christmas songs or snippets. Your main goal behind the campaign will still be lead conversions, but the campaign will go down better with the audience this way.

2. Fun and Lighthearted Videos

Thanksgiving and Christmas are times of the year when people want to relax, disconnect from their work routine, and spend time with their loved ones. Fun and lighthearted videos are perfect for an occasion like this.

Set the tone of your video campaign as lighthearted or relatable. You can reference a Christmas cartoon or a movie, like the Grinch, Home Alone, etc. You can also choose to add an emotional touch to your videos. Stay clear of anything that’s too serious or gives off a negative vibe.

3. Add Testimonials

Adding real testimonial videos gives your campaign a more personal touch. You can include testimonials of your customers, team members, and more.

The testimonials don’t have to be about your product or your service. It could be just another Christmas story, a Thanksgiving experience, a positive message, and more.

Try including your teammates in the videos to give it a personal touch. An even better idea is to have them talk about a fun Christmas experience or give a short personal positive message.

Two people wearing Christmas hatsGetting the right message across to your target audience is crucial. You need a top-notch video production company to assist you with your video marketing campaign this Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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