Everyone is familiar with advertisements these days. From kids watching their favorite show on YouTube to adults watching TV, everyone watches several advertisements every day. Most advertisements, though, aren’t very good and are skipped instantly or not paid attention to.

Advertisements take up a lot of time and resources, which is why they must do their job and deliver the message the company is hoping for. If you want to make an effective advertisement, it’s important that you contact a professional company that has expertise in this regard. 336 Productions is a marketing and video production company that can help your business make great and effective advertisements.

In this blog, let’s take a look at some of the advertisements that people loved.

1. Like a Girl – Proctor & Gamble

With its title “Like a Girl” advertisement, Procter & Gamble (P&G) aimed to challenge the patriarchy. The commercial, which was made by renowned documentary director Lauren Greenfield, challenged preconceived notions about what it means to be a woman by posing queries to both girls and boys alike. Although the Super Bowl commercial in 2015 advertised Always feminine sanitary items (for the first time in Super Bowl), its real message was one of female empowerment.

2. Thank You Mom – Proctor and Gamble

This commercial, which seems to be more of a short film, was released in conjunction with the Winter Olympics in 2010 and highlighted the efforts and sacrifices moms make on a daily basis for their children.

Everyone can relate to this film, regardless of whether they are a mother or a child. It elicits a full range of feelings when seen.

Commercially speaking, this advertisement assisted P&G in making the most of their international influence and turned out to be the single most successful international advertisement in their history.

With over 74 million views, more than 76 billion expressions, and an astounding 370,000,000 interactions on Twitter, it generated an additional 500 million dollars in P&G sales worldwide!

3. The Best a Man Can Get? – Gillette

Razor King Gillette reacted to the MeToo campaign by flipping its catchphrase, “The best a man can get”.  The Super Bowl advertisement from 2019 examined toxic masculinity as well as patriarchy and posed it as a sarcastic question instead of a statement, which led to both criticism and praise. In spite of a boycott, the company stood by its message and gave over 3 million dollars to organizations that aim to increase awareness among American men.

Making of an advertisement

Making of an advertisement

As important as sending a message is in advertisements, making sure you have the highest quality video production is also important. If you’re looking for a video production company to help you make advertisements for your business in LA, 336 Productions is your best bet. We’re a video production company in Orange County that offers a range of corporate and brand video production services that include pre-production, production, and post-production. Contact us now and learn about our services in detail today!

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