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The growth of video production has been explosive over the last decade. It has nearly doubled since 2018 alone and has continued to accelerate as more companies than ever leverage it for effective marketing online.

According to Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing 2023 report, viewers are much more likely to share video than any other type of content and as many as 91% of people want brands to release more online videos. 96% of marketers see video marketing as a vital part of their outreach strategy and as many as 92% report that using video has delivered good ROI for them. In fact, according to HubSpot, video performs better and offers higher ROI than any other kind of content.

With the competition for your audience’s attention span intensifying, you’ll want to see how this space is evolving. Here are the latest trends for video marketing and advertising.


1. Videos for Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a powerful marketing practice. It’s essentially enhancing your website to rank higher in search engine results for the terms your customers use to find products and services like yours, and it’s a great way to earn a higher market share.

Video content is emerging as one of the most potent methods of enhancing the ranking power of your website. Why? Search engines like Google look at metrics like the time your viewers spend on your page (dwell time) and how often they click the back button right away (bounce rate). 

Embedding video on your website is a great strategy for engaging viewers right away. Engaged viewers spend more time on your website. Google sees the extra time and counts your site as having the relevant search result people are looking for, so the algorithm starts to improve your ranking!

Embedding video is a potent marketing trend that’s delivering results for all kinds of businesses. For e-commerce web pages, the trend of adding videos to advertise your products is leading to higher traffic and more paying customers. This is just one more way an investment in video can yield an outstanding ROI for your business.

How to Make the Most of SEO Video

  • Use a high-quality video thumbnail to encourage people to click and watch it.
  • Consider positioning the video high on the webpage so that people can see it without scrolling down.
  • Consider adding a graphic design element in the thumbnail to catch people’s attention.
  • Consider adding a transcript of the video to the page. When the extra text is indexable, it can help tell Google more about what the page is about and whether it’s relevant to potential searchers.

2. Short-Form Vertical Videos

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Another video marketing trend taking the internet by storm is vertical filming and short-form content. TikTok has helped popularize this format with sub-30-second videos becoming the norm. The platform’s runaway success has ensured that competitors have launched their own versions of it, including Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts. 

This trend is best suited to short, catchy advertisements and promotional videos that are as entertaining as they are informative. The format also lends itself better to virality and user-driven growth. The platforms themselves certainly aren’t shy of promoting these ahead of long-form videos. For instance, YouTube recommends uploading more Shorts in support of longer videos to ensure the algorithm picks up your content. 

Savvy video marketers can make the most of this trend to create opportunities for themselves. If you’re a small business looking to level the playing field, well-produced, engaging Shorts, Reels, or TikToks could get you a lot of attention you might struggle to get with other mediums. What’s more, since it’s short-form content, it’s a lot easier and cheaper to produce.

At 336 Productions, we’re adept at creating short-form social videos that hook your viewers and help drive organic engagement for your brand. We helped Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties produce a series of vertically oriented videos specifically for TikTok. You can view one of them here.

3. Short-Form Educational Videos

This is a bit of an umbrella term for videos that inform and educate your viewers in an interesting way. The pandemic provided a windfall for e-learning platforms as millions of people worldwide signed up to learn a new skill or hobby that could help them. But oftentimes, just the idea of a long video can scare them away! If viewers see that a video is under a few minutes, and ideally shorter than 30 seconds, they’re more likely to keep watching past the first 6 seconds, at least. 

This trend can help your video marketing efforts. It’s particularly useful for technical products or services where there’s a learning curve for new users. The business-to-developer (B2D) market, for instance, is driven by educational content that helps developers pick up a new skill or learn a new approach, and in this process inspires them to try out the tool or application being described. 

Product demos and service showcases are also great examples of this and trending in video marketing circles. These tend to be a little more entertaining but are essentially made to inform you how a product or service works. 

You’ll find a lot of these videos in our portfolio, in addition to corporate videos, case study videos, Q&A videos, and more. Our clients have used these assets to do everything from increase customer engagement to boost conversions and grow revenue for their businesses. 

4. Interactive Videos

The trend of interactive videos is something of a holy grail for marketing. This type of video combines the most popular content format with the ability to directly engage and sell to viewers directly from the video. 

Both YouTube and Instagram have launched shoppable videos, which let you include product tags and clickable calls-to-action within the video. If users like what they see during the video, they can immediately click on these links to visit your e-commerce store and browse your products.

TikTok is also capitalizing on the interactive video marketing trend with ‘duet videos.’ These allow businesses to set challenges for their viewers and create an interactive dialogue between the two.

5. AR & VR Videos

Virtual reality videos enable a user to completely immerse themselves in a digitally-produced environment while retaining mobility and control. They can touch and interact with objects, talk to people, explore new places, and more. 

Augmented reality helps combine digital and real-world elements to offer a wholly new experience for users. It’s particularly popular in e-commerce, with applications like being able to digitally try out furniture and apparel before you buy it.

While immersive content isn’t a new concept, it’s fast gaining traction. These videos are viewed on AR/VR headsets and the increasingly wide availability of this equipment has made this trend much more viable for the video advertising community.

If AR and VR are a stretch, consider 360° videos on YouTube. This is another immersive format shot on special cameras that lets your viewers view your surroundings instead of being fixed onto one frame.

Work With Award-Winning Video Professionals

There’s a lot that goes into creating a high-quality, share-worthy video that generates an impact and boosts sales. Exploit these video marketing and advertising trends by partnering with seasoned experts who can help you level up your marketing efforts. 

Since 2008, we’ve been the OC video agency of choice for some of the world’s biggest brands. See the videos in our portfolio, read a few testimonials, or reach out to us to chat about how we can create high-performing video assets for your business.

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